If you want to be more effective in your business and personal life ...

... you have arrived at the right place. Everyone has a gap between what they intend to communicate and what others perceive. Some gaps are bigger than others. Everyone has the opportunity to become more aligned. How you are seen by others is based on your behaviors and your communication approach. You have control over most of the important keys to effectiveness. The mission of Change Masters Academy is to help you be more effective in simple and pragmatic ways based on our extensive practical experience changing people's lives for the better. Hopefully, you will choose to be one will look at discovering this Academy to be a bright day in you life.

"What you do with with your career is your business; helping you optimize your career is our business."

Change Masters® Incorporated has over 25 years of experience individually coaching thousands of leaders. The Academy is our new venture to fulfill our mission to reach more people around the world in a way that is cost and time effective.

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Everyday, mundane moments in our life impact 70% of our ability to influence and persuade others. Most of us go through our day not giving our mundane moments any thought ... but others do! We have compiled a list of "23 Mundane Moments that Can Make or Break Your Career" that you can have for free. These are moments that are not very difficult do better if you are aware.

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We have a series of 23 short videos that can help you quickly become more aware and more effective. You can also see video samples of the videos by pressing on the TV icon.

Mundane Moment #1 - Accepting praise

Mundane Moment #2 - How you ask questions

The videos average 7 minutes in length. You learn what normally is only shared in the coaching room with individual clients.

Customer quotes:

“I love these videos!
They are fun, fast and so informative. This series is rich with learning opportunities.”

“It’s like a vitamin pill for your career!”

"It’s like eavesdropping on a coaching session that people pay over $20,000 to receive."

Seeing Yourself as Others Do

Our book is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, and audio.com. Quantity orders from the publisher are available for sale on this website.

Others see your blind spots. Learning what they are and what you can do about them gives you a distinct advantage.

Since 1986, Change Masters has individually coached thousands of established and emerging
leaders from over 150 companies around the world. Carol Keers and Tom Mungavan tell you their success secrets in Seeing Yourself as Others Do: Authentic Executive Presence at Any Stage of Your Career.
This book gives you practical, relevant tips, techniques
and approaches, including the seven CLEARLI™ attributes for achieving authentic executive presence:

Command of the Room with Charisma
Leveraging Influence and Power
Expectations: Strategic and Tactical
Audience Connections
Relationship Competence Locally and Remotely
Listening Engagement
Inspiration, Motivation and Praise

Getting your message and yourself understood is difficult. Seeing Yourself as Others Do will dramatically increase your odds of communicating what you intend.

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iPodCoach Conversations is an innovative coaching tool that comes to you in a unique voiced format, delivering our most powerful leadership communication strategies to you via an email attachment.

Coach Conversations provides you with weekly coaching advice that is relevant, entertaining, and convenient to your time schedule. Coach Conversations is offered as an annual subscription.

The topics include those that our clients have found most valuable. Many times people consider a seminar successful if there is one usable nugget or idea. With very little time spent, you can receive a golden nugget of usable information or idea that can make you more effective and help you coach others to be more effective.

One of our exceptionally talented clients said, “I wish I could have my Change Masters coaches with me all the time. Can you just sit on my shoulder to get me through all the challenges I face?”

Coach Conversations™ is designed to fulfill that wish! This innovative coaching tool comes to you in a unique voiced format delivering our most powerful leadership communication strategies to you via an email attachment. You can order Coach Conversations at our eStore.

At Change Masters, we’ve worked individually with thousands of executive and professional clients, collecting many powerful universal lessons, tips and strategies. These ideas have accelerated the growth and success of our clients, people who value growth and continually want extremely useful, fresh ideas or reminders of practical Change Masters concepts. Those ideas are what you’ll receive in your Coach Conversations™ subscription. It’s the best of Change Masters in 7 minutes a week!


Change Masters Executive Coach® provides individual coaching on communication, leadership, and authentice executive presence. More information is available at ChangeMastersExecutiveCoach.com

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